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BrM User Group By-Laws

AASHTOWare Bridge Management

User Group (BrMUG)






Section 1

The Board of Directors may recommend a schedule of fees sufficient to carry out the objectives of the group and to defray the incidental costs of the group such as correspondence, meeting rooms, and newsletters. The schedule of fees shall be approved by a simple majority vote of the MEMBERS.

Section 2

The Board of Directors may establish an initiation fee for each new MEMBER to cover a share of any costs incurred by the current MEMBERS of the Users Group.

Section 3

The Board of Directors may establish a reinstatement fee to cover a share of any cost incurred by the current MEMBERS since the organization requesting reinstatement withdrew from membership in the Users Group.



Section 1

The MEMBERS of the Users Group may, by a simple majority vote of those in attendance at any meeting or via E-Mail vote, institute or dissolve any standing committees it desires, for any purpose, consistent with the Users Group Constitution and By-Laws.

Section 2

The President, with simple majority approval of those in attendance or via E-Mail vote, may institute special committees for a period of one year or until the next annual meeting.

Section 3

The President shall appoint all members of committees with the advice and counsel of the Vice President. The President shall further define the duties of all committees.

Section 4

All committees shall submit an annual or final report to the authority that caused their appointment. Such reports may be formal or informal as directed by the President.



Section 1

No affiliation of the Users Group with other organizations may be made by the officers or membership in the Users Group without specific change in these By-Laws and after careful consideration.

Section 2

Cooperation with other organizations, to the extent it does not compromise the Users Group, is specifically allowed.

ARTICLE IV – E-Mail Votes


Section I

Votes may be put to the membership via E-Mail for all business except election of Secretary and changing the Constitution and By-Laws. Election of the Secretary or changes to the Constitution and By-Laws shall only be permitted at the Annual or scheduled meetings.

Section II

A Quorum for E-Mail voting shall be sixty seven percent (67%) of the active users in the User Group as measured by return replays. An action will pass with a simple majority of the quorum.