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Br Management User Group

Welcome to the Bridge Management™ User Group (BrMUG) website. The Bridge Management system is a product of AASHTOWare®, Transportation Software Solutions.

AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM)

The AASHTOWare Bridge Management software (BrM), formerly Pontis, is a comprehensive bridge management system developed as a tool to assist in the challenging task of bridge management.  BrM stores bridge inventory and inspection data; formulates network-wide preservation and improvement policies for use in evaluating the needs of each bridge in a network; and makes recommendations for what projects to include in an agency’s capital plan for deriving the maximum benefit from limited funds.

BrM supports the entire bridge management cycle, allowing user input at every stage of the process.  The system stores bridge inventories and records inspection data.  Once inspection data is entered, BrM is capable of maintenance tracking and federal reporting.  The software integrates the objectives of public safety and risk reduction, user convenience, and preservation of investment to produce budgetary, maintenance, and program policies.  Additionally, it provides a systematic procedure for the allocation of resources to the preservation and improvement of the bridges in a network.  BrM accomplishes this by considering both the costs and benefits of maintenance policies versus investments in improvements or replacements.

Bridge Management User Group (BrMUG)

The Bridge Management User Group (BrMUG) is a nationwide organization of AASHTOWare Bridge Management software users, comprised primarily of bridge management professionals from the departments of transportation across the country.

The objectives of the BrMUG, a nonprofit organization, are:

  1. To provide a forum for a unified voice to direct the course of AASHTOWare Bridge Management (product);
  2. To provide cooperative technical support of the product; and
  3. To encourage acceptance of the product as a national bridge management system.

The BrMUG provides an avenue for bridge management professionals to collaborate on bridge management practices, to better understand FHWA reporting requirements, and to conduct and receive training on the use of BrM within their agencies.

This website is provided to support communication and information exchange among the BrMUG members. If you have any questions or suggestions on how this website could be improved, please include them in an email to

For additional information on the AASHTOWare Bridge products, including AASHTOWare Bridge Management, please visit the AASHTOWare website at